Rockland County Autism Symposium Focuses on Research, Job Skills and Interventions

Over 900 parents, teachers and other stakeholders gathered for a day of learning at the Rockland County Autism Symposium, sponsored by the Autism Science Foundation, Mindworks, Camp Venture, and the Rockland County Legislature. Dr. Temple Grandin gave the keynote address, describing how to turn a child's strengths into marketable job skills. Dr. Manny DiCicco-Bloom (view his slides here) spoke about the importance of mouse modeling in autism science and Dr. Cathy Lord described new research taking place at the New York Brain Institute in White Plains. Dr. Peter Gerhardt and Gina Zecchin-Tirri described how to use ABA techniques to teach life and community skills. Photos from the event are on our Facebook page.


Click here to view Dr. DiCicco-Bloom's Rockland Autism Symposium slides.